Dear God..

Dear God,

I thank you for this beautiful day, for giving me another year of life. I know You make it perfect in every way. I thank you for opening my eyes and ears, to see and hear the goodness you have left here for me.

Let this feast of my birth be a reminder to me of all the gifts and blessings i have received from You for all the days of my life. You have been good to me all these years and i thank You for all the blessings i have received but especially for life itself.

God, help me broaden my mind and faith that i can accept all things You have planned for me. May i love Your ways and be obedient to You. Bless me with Your wisdom, let me not whine and whimper over things i have no control over.

Another day has come and gone. But with each year passing, i grow as a person and become strong.  Thank you God for always being there for me.

God, i do not know what lies ahead or what will happen next. Yet i know that You are holding my future in your hand and You will guide me with Your hands.

I do not know how many days of life are mine to spend, but i know that You will keep me to the end. Grid me with Your strength and grace, help me stay as close to You, that i may walk in your peace and be the loving person that you intend for me to be.

Thank you Lord, for Your blessing on me.





26 thoughts on “Dear God..

  1. Wohooo.. Gw baru follow twit lu dan ngeh dirimu ultah.. Happy Birthday May 😀 Berdoa semua yang terbaik terjadi dalam hidupmu yah Mar 😀 Selalu sehat dan diberkati biar jadi berkat buat banyak orang. Amin 🙂

  2. happy belated birthday maria!!! semoga semakin berbahagia dan diberkati Tuhan.. jadi istri yang bisa membahagiakan suami dan ibu rumah tangga yang baikk…

  3. hi Mar, kunjungan balik nih.. wah newlywed nih ya 🙂 happy belated birthday ya, wishing all the best for you in life! btw, venue wedding kita sama loh, di patrajasa 🙂 cuman gue di 2005 – haiz dah lama benerrrr ya heheh

    • Hi mei, makasii udah mampir yaah 🙂
      Amin, makasii ya doanya.. Wah 2005 aku masih pacaran. Hihihi. Berarti Patrajasa dr dulu emang udah banyak dipake buat nikah ya

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