Things that make me happy

  1. Petrichor
  2. Walks in the rain
  3. Sweetness of candy
  4. Getting lost while travelling
  5. The sound of rain drops
  6. Delicious food
  7. Movies that made me cry
  8. Talking to stranger (i know, i’m weird)
  9. Spinning on wheel chair
  10. Lights of the city
  11. Scent of you
  12. Talking to you
  13. Laughing with you
  14. Laugh at your stupid jokes
  15. Cuddle with you
  16. Watching movie with you
  17. Holding hands with you
  18. Kissing in the rain (oh how i wish it would happen someday)
  19. Thoughts of you
  20. Anything about you
  21. and so on

When i wrote about things that make me happy it is always you inside my head 🙂

I love you, honey :*