On Her Wedding Day

Baca surat yang ditulis Arman buat Emma ini nyentuh hati banget. Emma kan daddy’s girl banget ya, nah saya jadi keinget sama papa.

Dari dulu saya memang deket banget sama papa. Walaupun ga punya ingatan yang baik, tapi selalu ada kenangan waktu kecil yang kemana-mana saya pasti nempel sama beliau. Setiap hari waktu mau ditinggal kerja pun saya selalu nangis karna ga mau banget pisah lama-lama.

Moment yang paling ga bisa dilupain ya waktu kemarin nikah, sudah selesai tugas beliau untuk jagain anak wanitanya ini :’) Baca surat Arman buat saya jadi makin ngerti perasaan papa waktu itu. It’s such a beautiful letter 🙂

Life begins at 30...

Dear Emma,

Do you remember… It was when you were 2 years old and you watched Cinderella for the first time. We danced together as Cinderella was dancing with the prince, but suddenly you stopped and ran to the bedroom.

I was shocked and sad thinking that you did not want to dance with me anymore. All this time, I thought dancing had always been our father-and-daughter thing.

You would have never imagined how relieved I was, knowing that apparently you only wanted to change your pajamas to a dress so that you could become a princess before we danced again until the song ended and you laid your head on my shoulder.

Years went by, and tonight… it happened again. We danced and you walked away before the music stopped.

I was not shocked this time because I knew it would happen. But I could not lie that I…

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